NEWS:  Demand rises for Adjustable Rate FHA MORTGAGE APPLICATIONS.


  • The Federal Mortgage Servicers recently joined FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC in offering alternatives to traditional appraisals and employment verifications.

Some of the advantages of an FHA HOME MORTGAGE:

  • Lower credit requirements, income verification, employee verification, and underwriting fees

  • Very little paperwork

  • Easily increase or decrease the length of the term of your existing loan

  • Take advantage of current low interest rates 

  • Free 24 Hour Approval  >>> Apply Now


Buying a Home with an FHA Loan

First Time Home Buyer Loans

This FHA loan program was created to help increase homeownership. The FHA program makes buying a home easier and less expensive than any other types of real estate mortgage home loan programs Read more>>


Buy a home with a Family Member Gift

When buying a home, almost every lender will want to know where your down payment came from. If someone in your family is helping you with that down payment, it is called a Gift of Equity, a special FHA loan program Read more>>


Mobile Home Loans

An FHA Title I loan may be used for the purchase or refinancing of a manufactured home, a developed lot on which to place a manufactured home, or a manufactured home and lot in combination. The home must be used as the principal residence of the borrower.. Read more>>


Buy an Investment Property (3 units +)

The idea of owning rental real estate has been gaining popularity as investors tire of the swoops and swoons of the stock market. The FHA has 'non-owner' occupied programs programs for those investors. Read more>>



Buy a 2nd Home or Vacation Home

As home prices drop, many American families are using this opportunity to purchase that second home with an FHA home-equity credit line drawn on their primary residence. Read more >>


Refinance with an FHA Loan

Refinance to a Lower Rate

Lowering your monthly mortgage payment is easier than ever as mortgage interest rates continue to set new record lows almost every week for more than two month Read more>>


Consolidate  Debts

An FHA Debt Consolidation Loan can change your life, and we can connect you to an FHA Home Lending expert to talk over your financial situation so you are not left to figure out everything completely on your own.  Read more>>


Refinance an Investment Property (3 units +)

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers  refinancing programs where the required equity is typically much lower when investment property is being refinanced, and the guidelines usually are less stringent than most conventional banks loans. Read more>>


Reverse Mortgages for Seniors

Many older Americans need greater financial security to supplement social security, meet unexpected medical expenses, make home improvements, and more. One of the nations fastest growing solutions is a Reverse Mortgage. Read more>>