FHA loans have been helping Rhode Island residents since 1934 


A licensed Rhode Island FHA Lender can offer you a better loan including:

Low down payments (if any)

24 Hour Pre-Approval

Low closing costs

Easier credit qualifying

48 hour Streamline Refinancing


Rhode Island First Time Home Buyer Loan

This FHA loan program was created to help increase homeownership. The FHA program makes buying a home easier and less expensive than any other types of real estate mortgage home loan programs.

Buy a home in Rhode Island with  help from a Family Member

When buying a home, almost every lender will want to know where your down payment came from. If someone in your family is helping you with that down payment, it is called a Gift of Equity, a special FHA loan program.

Rhode Island FHA Refinance to a Lower Rate

Lowering your monthly mortgage payment is easier than ever as mortgage interest rates continue to set new record lows almost every week for more than two month.  

Rhode Island FHA Debt Consolidation

An FHA Debt Consolidation Loan can change your life, and we can connect you to an FHA Home Lending expert to talk over your financial situation so you are not left to figure out everything completely on your own.  








Rhode Island FHA Home Loan

How it works:


√    Determine the type of FHA Government Loan that best fits your needs.


√       Complete an easy 2 minute application form.


√    We will forward your application to one and only one  FHA Approved Lender who can best help you based upon:


  • The type of loan you requested

  • Your down-payment (if purchase loan)

  • The location (State) your property is located

  • Your credit history

  • The best rate available for your loan


√    An FHA Loan Specialist will respond within 1 business day. They will explain what type of loan you are approved for, and the options available to you. 


√    Immediately that same day, the FHA Lender will overnight your pre-approval letter to you.


√    Review with no obligations your FHA Loan Pre-approval and locked rate. 


Note- It is very important that you keep this letter. It is your official pre-approval on bank letterhead with your 'locked rate', and if purchasing a house, it is equally important that you present this letter to the real estate agent to confirm your pre-qualification status.              

Rhode Island FHA Lending Limits 2022

Rhode Island Median Home Sale Price Price $229,000


County Name Single Duplex 3 Unit 4 Unit
BRISTOL $426,650 $546,200 $660,200 $820,500
KENT $426,650 $546,200 $660,200 $820,500
NEWPORT $426,650 $546,200 $660,200 $820,500
PROVIDENCE $426,650 $546,200 $660,200 $820,500
WASHINGTON $426,650 $546,200 $660,200 $820,500